The „Beauty in the Beast“  is what Tatijuschka Jewellery  is all about. Mythical creatures from the Renaissance
and the Celtic
periods as well as from the native cultures of South America are the inspiration

for her handcrafted and unique pieces of haute jewellery. Behind her works is always a story to be told. The main

topic of her current and upcoming works are the four forces of nature. 

The story of her current collection is about the element fire, which brings her creativity to life. Gold, enamel, citrine,

yellow sapphires, hessonites, garnet and iolite gemstones make her pieces precious. 

A small ready-to-wear collection of amulets, skulls and rings in gold is available in the online-shop.



Tatijuschka Jewellery was founded in Zürich in early 2017 by trained designer and self-taught goldsmith Tatiana Vergara.

After her inherited jewellery was stolen from her home, she decided to make her own jewellery. It began as

a hobby and turned into a passion that she seriously immersed herself in. It took her a while to learn all about jewellery making.

Her strong believe in her skills and her endless creativity made it inevitable for her to start her own business.